Two reconciliation projects
Parliament House, Melbourne (Photo: Michael Coghlan House, Melbourne (Photo: Michael Coghlan

Initiatives of Change and Global Reconciliation invite you to the launch of two projects: 'Ancient cultures, new futures: Sri Lankans moving forward together' and 'Seeds of Renewal' in Parliament House on Tuesday 11 June, 5-7pm

These projects aim to help Sri Lanka overcome old enmities, re-build trust, and move forward to a new era of harmony. The basis of the work is a shared, deep commitment to build a united, just and prosperous Sri Lanka. RSVP essential. For more details download the flyer here.

Looking at Buchman's thought with objectivity

Peter Thwaites reviews historian Philip Boobbyer's new book on The spiritual vision of Frank Buchman and suggests that through it you come to 'realise the explosive, somewhat unharnessed power of Buchman's ideas and his belief in the possibility of change.'

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Creators of Peace call for nominations

Creators of Peace International’s New Governance Model: Calling for nominations for International Coordinators, and expressions of interest in the portfolio working teams to support the International Coordinator’s service to this world network. Read more >>

A 'sense of universal responsibility'

On 23 May, 23 people gathered for Firelight in the Reception Room at Armagh. The fire was going, we enjoyed pizza and music and the room was buzzing with conversation. Deeper reflection was given to the issue of just how responsible are we for our own lives and how to make the 'right' choice of a life partner. After considering some quotes on responsibility, this one by the Dalai Lama was voted our favourite of the night: 'Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.



South Sudan Reconciliation



This is Nyok’s journey, a journey that his country also needs to take and a journey that you can be a part of. South Sudan is still recovering from Africa’s longest civil war, 50 years of fighting and division. For the world’s youngest country to develop they need forgiveness and reconciliation. Nyok had taken this journey of emotional healing and wants to take it to South Sudan with your help. Click here to read the FULL ARTICLE. . .

Nyok Achouth Gor

Coming home after 26 years

It was Spring 1986 – just three years after my father was killed by the Khartoum regime. I was only eight years old. As my shallow memory recalls, it was night time and I had been playing with my friends when my home town, Malakal, came under attack. I was told to run, so I did. But I kept saying to the soldiers from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army that I needed to go back home and find my Mum, my brothers and sister. Click here to read the FULL ARTICLE. . .

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